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About Me

My name is Renata and I have been involved in publishing since 1992.
I am a published author of several books and magazines in the entertainment genre and have been a contributing writer to numerous entertainment publications for years.

I am passionate about creating a positive experience for our vibrant communities and the people within it.

I began this career working with a collector, Jim Curtin, first in business development, then in promotion, writing, photography, designing and marketing.
Out of this collector, I created a world renown and well respected archive, "The Elvis Empire".  It became known as thee largest private archive on Elvis Presley, next to Graceland.  The Elvis Empire was called upon many publishers, TV and movie studios and other collectors, worldwide, for information, photos and collectibles.

Together we published 7 books and 3 magazines on Elvis, in addition to supplying many magazines with articles and photos.

I continued my career in publishing as an assistant publisher and managing editor of a magazine publishing company in north NJ.  I was there for over 13 years and it's there I learned "online marketing", through lots of trial and error.  During a transition from hardcopy to digital, I learned all the ins and outs of digital media, firsthand.

I am well versed in all social media platforms, email campaigns, content creating and creating promotional material.  Being an expert in sales and business development gives me an edge regarding how best to promote something to sell!
I put my knowledge and experience to the test this past year, as a marketing and sales consultant to a local theater, with their Arts Academy pilot program.  I helped promote the program, sold and designed ads for their playbill and helped the academy grow.
Needless to say, the academy has expanded as a result.

In addition Socialize Marketing, I am also on the board of a nonprofit organization,

The Rising Stars Youth Theatre Company. Rising Stars is committed to enhancing the rich artistic environment of children in the via musical theatre.


I am available for consulting, contract and freelance work.

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