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About Me

I'm Renata, and my publishing odyssey embarked in the year of 1991.
Over the passage of time, I've metamorphosed into a published luminary within the captivating realm of entertainment (but not limited to that).

My contributions have graced the pages of numerous magazines, and I've sculpted a venerable archive christened "The Elvis Empire." This archive has achieved global renown as one of the most extensive private collections dedicated to Elvis Presley, a true gem comparable to the iconic Graceland itself.
In concert with the connoisseur Jim Curtin, our collaborative endeavors yielded 7 books and 3 magazines chronicling the life and times of Elvis, and provided valuable resources to publishers, TV and movie studios, and collectors worldwide.


My publishing sojourn persisted as I transitioned into the roles of assistant publisher and managing editor at a magazine publishing company, nestled in the northern precincts of New Jersey. For over a baker's dozen of years, I not only orchestrated the orchestration of sales and the cultivation of business prospects for their flagship publication but also inaugurated two distinct and successful magazine titles.

My expedition also led me through the labyrinth of online marketing and the digital tapestry of media. Here, I gathered indispensable know-how, reshaping digital formats, and burnishing social media platforms to a gleaming sheen. My virtuosity traverses the


expansive landscape of social media platforms, orchestrating symphonies with email campaigns, composing captivating content, and crafting promotional opulence. These talents, a manifestation of my roots in sales and business development, infuse my promotional prowess with unparalleled finesse.

In 2018, I tested the mettle of my knowledge and experience as a sage in marketing and sales, aiding a local theater's Arts Academy pilot program.
I unfurled the program's banner with resounding success, weaving the tapestry of playbill ads with my design acumen, and engineering pivotal growth for the academy.

Today, I preside as a member of the board of a nonprofit sanctuary for young talents known as the Rising Stars Youth Theatre Company.
This organization zealously nurtures the artistic souls of children through the magic of musical theatre. I oversee all the social media platforms and handle all sales and marketing responsibilities for Rising Stars.

My door is open, ready to welcome consulting, contract, and freelance overtures, particularly in the realms of content composition, social media orchestration, and the artistry of marketing. Should you seek to harness my expertise, do not hesitate to reach out to me.


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